Founders of Nanaimo Gyro

The Gyro Club of Nanaimo was inaugurated on August 12, 1922, with the following officers:

President – Joe Cooper

Vice President – Harry Humber

Secretary – Leslie Booth

Treasurer – William Philpott

Directors – James Crossan, Albert Dendoff, Oscar Erlandson and Archie Kennedy


Gyro Club of Nanaimo Founding Members - 1922
Top Row Middle Row Bottom Row
Gib Beresford Jack Baxter Dr. Ingham
Ern Booth Oscar Thomas Jim Crossan
Bert Hughes Bill Carmichael Alf Dendoff
Ed Gartner Stan Harding Joe Cooper (Pres.)
Doug Proctor Bill Walker Harry Humber (V.Pres.)
Carl Nickerson Hobart Stearman Oscar Earlandson
Chris Wright Charlie Polette Archie Kennedy
Doc Morrison Garf Weeks Lal Booth

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Founding Members